Hey! I'm Alyson

A cross-functional product design leader and recreational coder with career roots in social impact, systems thinking, motion design, and storytelling. Currently @ Warner Bros. Discovery. Have a portfolio key? See some work

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Warner Bros. Discovery

Los Angeles, Calif. 2022-Present

Magnolia Direct-to-Consumer Part of the core design team for the multi-vertical Magnolia brand, supporting features across Shop, Watch, Workshops, and Visit on web, iOS, and Android.

Motion design concentration Primary designer facilitating interaction and motion design within the Magnolia design system. One of two lead designers responsible for motion design storytelling within a product marketing context, leading development of sizzles across the consumer digital product team from end-to-end.

charity: water

NYC 2016-2022

Subscription growth Lead designer for the first three years of growth of charity: water's subscription program, The Spring, which more than doubled in size year over year through 2018. I now manage a designer who oversees growth initatives including conversion testing and funnel optimization. Since 2016, The Spring has grown from 6,000 members to over 60,000.

Subscription retention Lead experience designer on product features and enhancements boosting retention including subscription management, pause and cancellation flows, and impact reporting. The Spring has maintained churn and retention rates incredibly competitive with consumer subscription products over the past three years with churn consistenly below 3% and a 12-month retention of approx. 70%.

Impact reporting Lead designer evolving our product experience and storytelling to deliver on our reporting promise balancing transparency, efficiency, and inspiration.

Design language system Faciliate cross-team design consistency and atomic component development.

Email development Design, build, and maintain complex transactional and reporting mailers, supporting iteration to test improved engagement with one of our most important user touchpoints.

Internal tools Design tools for both our admin team responsible for providing support to our donors as well as our water programs team who manages work in the field.

Event experiences Responsible for digital interactive experiences for donor events or other physical brand instances.

Expedia, Inc. – Egencia

Seattle, Wash. 2015

UI Toolkit Design lead and product manager of the global UI system shared across product lines. Originally forked from Expedia's UI Toolkit, the Egencia product required a sleeker brand treatment and more robust components to support complex tasks to be done within business travel booking and management.

Reporting Designed the MVP experience for Egencia's reporting product, delivering insights to travel managers to improve company efficiency.

Policy Designed the global state of the policy product, first targeting rail policies for global management.

Homepage Designed the global state of the homepage product, prioritizing a clear but robust search form and trip management.

Admin Tools Responsible for internal tools used by Egencia agents, a critical support for business travel, particularly for high-worth accounts.

Media Portfolio

Los Angeles, Calif. 2012

Motion design storytelling Lead designer for animation projects including storytelling, advertisements, and stingers.

Brand design Agency staff for brand development under art direction.

Wordpress development Resident coder for developing Wordpress sites for client hand-off including customizations in CMS.

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